Reaching Up To One Million Worldwide!


The syndicated Trucking Radio Show was launched in May of 2006 and aired on thirty-five radio stations throughout Canada. Over the past ten years, the show name changed and stations were added, including four stations in the USA, one in Europe and Australia. The radio show evolved through several incarnations from The Canadian Truck News Radio Show, to American Driver Radio to the Driver Show, and now simply Trucker Radio. Throughout the decade Stan Campbell and Tim Denis remained as hosts.

In December 2012 Alexis Broadcasting Company of Niagara Falls assumed ownership of the show from Steve Graham's Cool Broadcasting Company. The first order of business for Alexis Broadcasting Company’s was to form an alliance with Canada’s most renowned transportation industry publication, Truck News Magazine of Toronto. In January of 2013, the show was renamed, Trucker Radio. Alexis Broadcasting Company co-owner and veteran broadcaster, Stan Campbell remained as the show anchor along with Tim Denis as his co-host.

Since 2006, the show, regardless of its name, included a mix of current and 80's and 90's country music. Over the past several years, country music had evolved into what can only be described as pop-country, with more emphasis on pop. However, the music is the key to getting the show on the air on terrestrial radio stations. Without the music…no show on radio.


The Trucker Radio Show target has broadened and evolved into a showcase for the modern transportation industry with an emphasis on the younger people, especially women, joining the industry in key roles as technicians, dispatchers and other high tech roles. Our mission is to destroy old tired stereotypes and showcase the bright young men and women attracted to modern logistics.

Most of all, we point out to our listeners than the trucking industry is more critical to society's survival than even our military. If all trucks were to vanish for a week, our society would be impacted in profound and chilling ways, including the loss of life.

Our Trucker Radio Show is filled with music and fun but balances with critical information for the transportation industry and the public alike.

The Trucker Radio Show is syndicated and available free to qualified radio stations anywhere in Canada and the USA.

The Team

Stan Campbell - Show Host

Was an afternoon Drive Guy at WSIX in Nashville and Morning Host and PD at America's biggest Country station, KLAC in Los Angeles, among other stations in the US and Canada.

Stan's connection to country music is deep, as a country radio personality and a Nashville record producer until he was run out of Music City by a jealous husband with a rifle rack. One of the more notable artists that Stan produced was a young Eilleen (Shania) Twain. She doesn't mention him in her book. Stan mentions her in his book, "The Ugly One in the Middle" It's in the bargain bin.

Tim Denis - Co-Host

Is a Niagara guy, He is an actor and a recording artist having spent a great deal of time on theatre stages and many nights performing on postage-stamp sized stages in smoky bars.

Tim also hosts a daily talk show on radio and is a weekly panelist on TV. If being an actor, morning radio guy and sheep-herder doesn't keep him busy enough, six daughters occupy the rest of his time trying to get into the bathroom. Stan and Tim are old friends, each with a history in radio and the music business and ex-wives. They each have found the ONE. (not the same one! They are not that close.)

Marta "Tuchi" Ramirez - The Boss - Executive Producer

Is one tough mujer (that's Spanish for "woman"). Tuchi is responsible for editing, management, accounting, paperwork, cue sheets, putting the news together and cracking the whip. She is also responsible for the graphic image of the companies. It's part of the reason that the show has lasted ten years.

In her spare time, she does Spanish Voiceover work for clients all over the world. She is Colombian.(so she is accustomed to whip-cracking) Need we say more?

Marta Tuchi Ramirez and Stan Campbell purchased the Trucker Radio Show in late 2013 from Cool Broadcasting's Steve Graham.

Alicia Vieira - Co-Host

Adds a young voice to the Trucker Radio Show and keeps Stan and Tim from getting into trouble. Alicia has been with the Trucker Radio Show for five years after graduating from Niagara College with a degree in animal husbandry, a perfect foundation for dealing with two crazy old guys. Seriously, Alicia studied broadcasting and ENG for television.