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The Best Bold Country and Trucking Industry News & Interviews

The syndicated Trucker Radio show is a mix of 80's, 90's and today's best Country music, along with trucking news and information, with entertainment from lively hosts. Launched in May of 2006,Trucker Radio is aired on thirty-five radio stations throughout Canada and the USA, and the UK. .

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- Going to Prince Edward Island? Get ready for cue way up your nose.

- " It's going to be the law? All Federal Employees need to get vaccinated.

- " It was a banner week for highway enforcement officers. Officers in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.…


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Trucker Radio is a mix of Today’s Bold Country music, along with transportation news and interviews, coupled with fun! The syndicated show was launched in 2006. It airs onradio stations in Canada and the US. Now...the world! We're even in Tasmania! We are inviting more US and Canadian stations to join our ever-growing network.