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We begin a series about women in the trucking business, with several conversations with impressive women who have made their mark in this male-dominated industry. Their stories are inspirational. This week we talk to Stephanie Klang

Trucker Radio has been around since May of 2006. Initially, it was called, “The Canadian Trucking News Radio Show.” Awful name! Then, it became the “Canadian Trucking Radio Show.” That name didn’t last long.  The name changed again in 2008 when it became, “The Driver Show”, and for our US audience, “American Driver Radio”. When Alexis Broadcasting assumed ownership of the show, it became simply “Trucker Radio.” The target audience changed as well. Instead of solely targeting truckers and the trucking industry, Trucker Radio’s mission was to target the general listening public on our 40+ radio stations and promote trucking as a viable career.

I In other words, the goal was to create a show about trucking, rather than for truckers and the trucking business.  In spite of our best efforts to explain our strategy, it was clear that the industry never truly discerned our mission. After 17 years, we chose to end the show.  In that time, we proudly educated tens of thousands about the modern trucking business and the various careers available. We now continue with Truck News Talk (TNT) a podcast, this time, specifically targeted to the trucking industry and drivers. In addition, we continue our anti-human trafficking support. We seek out interesting creative people who  move us to think about what’s possible.

The trucking industry is becoming more diverse each day. If you want to reach your Hispanic and Francophone customers, don’t trust translations to online translators such as Google Translate. Don’t offend your clients and customers with inaccurate Spanish or French.  Tuchi Ramirez has provided translations for major companies such as Loves, ESAB, Canada Natural Resources and more.  We also provide professional voice services in both English and Spanish. Click here to contact info and rates.


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